Give Your Hardwood Floors a Second Life

Make us your top choice for hardwood floor refinishing in Jacksonville, Orange Park & St. Johns, FL

The great thing about hardwood is that even older floors can be made new again. You'll see it happen when you hire The Floorsmith of Jacksonville for hardwood floor refinishing in Jacksonville, Orange Park and St. Johns, FL. We'll take your faded, scratched and stained floors and make them look like they were just installed.

We have experience working in the historic neighborhoods of Jacksonville, Orange Park and St. Johns, FL. You can trust us to bring out the beauty of your hardwood without compromising your home's historical value. Contact us right away to discuss your hardwood floor refinishing project.

Are your floors worth refinishing?

If your wood floors have been hidden by carpet for decades, refinishing the hardwood floors is a smart idea. But before you call us to start the project, consider these potential issues:

  • If the gaps between the floor planks are wide and you can see the nails holding the floor down, refinishing isn't the best option.
  • If the hardwood has a laminate coating on top, sanding and refinishing it may wear the entire floor down.
  • If the floor is made from maple, mahogany or walnut, it may take longer to refinish.






For more information about refinishing hardwood floors, get in touch with us today. We'd be happy to help you figure out if your floors can be refinished.


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